Why stem cell (bone marrow) donation matters

Stem cell (bone marrow) transplants are often the last chance of survival for children and adults suffering from blood cancer and other serious blood disorders.

Thousands of people around the world need a life-saving stem cell (bone marrow) transplant each year. But it can be very difficult to find a compatible donor as there are thousands of different tissue types out there.

As a potential stem cell donor, you could one day have the opportunity to save the life of a child or adult who desperately needs a stem cell transplant to survive.

Getting your details added to a national register of potential stem cell (bone marrow) donors is very easy to do. When a patient needs a life-saving stem cell transplant, their tissue type is matched against those on the register to locate a possible donor.

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If you are pregnant, you may be able to donate your baby’s blood from the umbilical cord and placenta after their birth. It will be kept in a national cord blood bank and may be used in the future to save the life of a seriously ill patient with a matching tissue type.

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