Once you have hand crafted your gift for the Little Yellow Duck Project, you need to attach one of our special tags to it.

Tags are currently available in English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Swedish and Spanish. Other languages will be appearing here soon.

Please click on the flags to view the available tags:

United-kingdom-flag   English Tags

France-flag French Tags

Germany-flag German Tags

Italy Italian Tags

Spain Spanish Tags

 Portuguese Tags

Netherlands Dutch Tags

Swedish Tags


Wales Welsh Tags

We recommend that tags are printed onto or backed with card and that they are attached securely to each handmade duck gift.

If your gift has any small parts that could be pulled off, it should be labelled as “Not suitable for children of 3 years and under”.


The Little Yellow Duck Project creates and distributes handcrafted gifts to raise global awareness of blood, bone marrow, organ and tissue donation.