Knitting Patterns

These patterns have been created by designers specifically for the The Little Yellow Duck Project.

***Please click on each photograph to view the patterns***

Although these patterns are free to download for participants of The Little Yellow Duck Project, their copyright restrictions still apply. They may be printed for your personal use or for the use of others creating items for The Little Yellow Duck Project but they may not be reproduced or distributed for any other purposes.

Little Yellow Duck Project Duck by Alan Dart

Click Here for French Version of Pattern

Alan Dart’s diverse craft work has appeared in numerous magazines. He lives in the UK and has written several books, taught knitwear design at art colleges and demonstrated crafts on two children’s television series.  For more information please visit the Alan Dart website.

McQuackerton Duck by Rebecca Diamond

Rebecca is from New Brunswick, Canada, and enjoys knitting, tatting and embroidery…with a little crochet thrown in! You can find out more about Rebecca on her website.

Suzy Compton3cropped (P)
Yellow Duck by Suzy Compton

 Click Here for Optional Feet Pattern

Click Here for Optional Bunny Ears Pattern

Suzy lives in Weymouth, UK and has a passion for knitting.  She has designed various patterns for herself previously, including a series of New Zealand birds, before discovering the Little Yellow Duck Project  which she has knitted over 50 ducks for to date.

Quack-Quack Duck by Carle' Dehning
Quack-Quack Duck by Carle’ Dehning

 Carle’ Dehning produces her own brand of hand-dyed yarn.  Nurturing Fibres – from her farm in Cape Town, South Africa.  She uses dyeing methods developed over the last 10 years using hand-selected yarns from South African farms that have been locally spun.

Helena Kahan Seamless Yellow Duck
Seamless Duck by Helena Kahan

 Helena is a glass artist from Wales (UK)  who is currently living in South Africa.  She enjoys knitting and producing hand-painted yarn.  Visit more information please visit the Fused Glass website.

Finger puppets (permission
Finger Ducks by Woolly Thoughts (Knitted Pattern on Left)

Pat Ashforth and Steve Plummer (from the UK) are well known for their large-scale wall-hangings and illusion knitting. Pat’s life was saved 28 years ago when she received a kidney transplant from an unknown donor.  For more information please visit the Wooly Thoughts website.

Nicola Christodoulides Yellow Duck on a Mission
Yellow Duck on a Mission by Nicola Christodoulides

Nicola Christodoulides, originally a felt artist, produces her own range of high quality natural fibre art yarn under the brand name ‘Backward Sheep’. She lives and works in Cape Town, South Africa.

Not-So-Ugly-Ducking Fingerless Mitts by CaouaCoffee
Not-So-Ugly-Ducking Fingerless Mitts by CaouaCoffee

CaouaCoffee loves knitting and has designed numerous patterns for socks, scarves and mittens.  Visit her Ravelry Store to find out more:

Little Yellow Duck by Shaz Peacock
Little Yellow Duck by Shaz Peacock

Shaz has been knitting since the age of 7 years old and hasn’t stopped since.  She set up her own knitting group – Colchester Knitterai – which crochets and knits for various charity projects including the Little Yellow Duck Project.

auntie gs little yellow duck
Auntie G’s Little Yellow Duck Pattern

A basic duck pattern from our very own Gwyneth that can be adapted to make e.g. a Pirate Duck

17 thoughts on “Knitting Patterns”

  1. Thanks Terry W. I found your cheerful red duck on Lubaina Himid beautiful art. I was intrigued as i approached the art thinking is it or isn’t it?(part of the art). I’m glad i plucked up the courage to to read the note and it touched my heart.Very kind gesture indeed!i need it these days.

  2. Thank you for this fabulous addition to my granddaughters you collection. It has made her determined to make and leave a few ducks for others, (although she’s only 5). I love knitting ECT and have tried 2 get her interested but 2 no avail. Hòwever the little duck has her enthralled. Diolch.

  3. Sunshine duck is beautiful my grandson loves her. We want to thank Victoria for this little gift.
    Love Jackie

  4. Dear Terry W!

    Thank you for Percy, you really made my day, it was one of the loveliest gift i have ever got. Awesome project!


    1. Hello Cheryl,thank you so much for logging Frostine on the LYDP map.I am not on facebook so it was a lovely surprise to find your message when I was looking for a different knitting pattern for my ducks.I first found out about the LYDP in a woman’s weekly magazine in 2017 ,so pleased she made your day.Julie

  5. Hi. Found Bens Pee Bats yellow duck in a geocache in coppull, lancashire. Lovingly made by Jane. Hes so cute we had to take him home with us. We were going to pass him on in another cache in another area, but after reading on the website i think i will have a go at making one of the little yellow cuties and passing that on instead.
    Thank you Jane, from Munkinaround (Bill, Jane, Liam and Alex)

  6. Is the yellow duck Splash made by Arlie a :👦boy
    P.S. Thank you so much Arlie ! I am ten – nearly eleven- and he/she has brightened my day ! 🌞

  7. Knitted my first wee chap (Freddie) today using Alan Dart’s pattern. I will be taking him to Morrison’s at Cortonwood on Saturday. I think I need to make another two so I can leave them on the 67 bus going there and one on the 72 bus coming home.

    Will have to make more to leave in various places in Barnsley next Tuesday. I will be going on holiday to York in a couple of weeks time, will take some there as well. 🙂 Um, think I need to invest in some more yellow yarn.

  8. Been knitting ducks for LYDP for two years but just discovered the Shaz Peacock pattern. A great little knit and even faster if you do it in the round 😊

  9. I found wilder today thought it’s a sweet thing people do to make others smile thank u shelle and kell

  10. It’s great what people who crochet or knit ducks are doing – creating awareness about organ donation

    1. Dear Claire, Thank you so much! I’m glad you like him. I knit a lot of ducks and quite a few are logged but not all, but I hope they are all appreciated, even if I never know.
      Love Jenny.

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