Crochet Patterns

These patterns have been created by designers specifically for the The Little Yellow Duck Project.

***Please click on each photograph to view the patterns***

Although these patterns are free to download for participants of The Little Yellow Duck Project, their copyright restrictions still apply. They may be printed for your personal use or for the use of others creating items for The Little Yellow Duck Project but they may not be reproduced or distributed for any other purposes.

Lisa van Klaveren
Official LYDP Crochet Duck Pattern by Lisa van Klaveren

Lisa van Klaveren (of Holland Designs) has created over 300 crochet patterns to date.  Her designs have appeared in crochet magazines and in a book of her own designs.  Lisa is originally from Wisconsin, USA but now lives in New Zealand.  For more information please visit her website.

Doodle Duck by Heather C Gibbs

Heather C Gibbs is the owner of ‘Keep Calm and Crochet On UK’ and has been designing patterns since 2012.  She has designed over 70 patterns which include toys, blankets and lots of crochet squares – many of which are free or available to buy from her Ravelry store.  You can also read more about her crochet adventures on her blog.

Yellow Duck by Justyna Kacprzak

Click Here for UK Crochet Version of Pattern

Justyna Kacprzak is a crochet designer from Poland. She particularly enjoys creating crochet patterns for amigurumi toys and animals, shawls and teddies, many of which are available to buy from her online Ravelry Store.

Stephanie Pattern

Stephanie is a freelance crochet designer from South Africa.  Many of Stephanie’s designs have appeared in Your Family Magazine, runs her own website and holds crochet workshops.

Puddles the Tiny Duck by Melissa's Crochet Patterns
Puddles the Tiny Duck by Melissa’s Trenado

Melissa Trenado, from California, USA who loves to crochet and create new patterns.  She has designed well over 100 beautiful crocheted toys under the name ‘Melissa’s Crochet Patterns’ which are available to buy from her Ravelry Store.

A Lil Ugly by Nina Leon
A Lil Ugly – A Pocket Sized Duck by Nina Leon

Nina Leon, from New York City, USA, has been crocheting for 5 years. She designs many of her own patterns and can often be founded working away on them at 2 am in the morning! Her patterns can all be found on her blog ‘Hookers Don’t Bite’.

Finger Ducks by Wooly Thoughts (Crochet Pattern on Right)
Finger Ducks by Wooly Thoughts (Crochet Pattern on Right)
'If it Looks Like a Duck' by Wooly Thoughts (Easy Pattern)
‘If it Looks Like a Duck’ by Wooly Thoughts (Easy Pattern)

Click here for German Version of Pattern

Pat Ashforth and Steve Plummer (from the UK) are well known for their large-scale wall-hangings and illusion knitting. Pat’s life was saved 28 years ago when she received a kidney transplant from an unknown donor.  For more information please visit the Wooly Thoughts website.

26 thoughts on “Crochet Patterns”

    1. Hi Claire, thanks very much for your interest. Do you have a friend or family member that could print for you? If not, maybe you could hand draw some tags, based on the designs on the website or your own design?

  1. I found a duck today with my 4 year old daughter. My family is facing diagnosis at the moment for a genetic condition which could eventually result in the need for organ donation so as you can imagine, it is something i am quite passionate about. This story touched me and i will definitely be getting my knitting and crochet group to join in to raise awareness. Thank you for starting this wonderful project,

  2. Is there suppose to be a specific tag to put on these little ducks when you go put them somewhere for others to find?

  3. These are all great tutorials, and I really want to make some crochet ducklings. But I really struggle to follow crochet patterns when they’re written down, and learn better by following a visual tutorial. Do any of the duckling patterns have a video tutorial I could watch to work with? I looked on youtube but couldn’t find any of the ducklings featured here, but maybe I was looking in the wrong places! Thank you

    1. Hi Hannah,
      I’m afraid we don’t currently have any tutorials but you have given me a great idea to get some sorted. Do you have a local yarn shop or knitting group who might be willing to help you?

    2. Hey Hannah, if you search ‘duckling amigurumi’ on YouTube I am sure you will find a pattern to follow! Amigurumi tutorials on youtube is how I learnt to crochet!

  4. I just found this site, too late for this year but will start making ducks for next year! My God-daughter received a bone marrow transplant over 2 years ago and is a survivor of a rare (and agressive) type of non-Hodgkins lymphoma. It saved her life. We are all so thankful! This is a wonderful way to pass along the message that will save lives.

    Thank-you for starting this project!

    1. Hi Louise,

      This is wonderful…thank you so much! We would love to see photos of the ducks you make and to hear more about the spread of the Little Yellow Duck Project in Denmark!

      Best wishes,

      LYDP Founder

    1. Hi Robyn, no not at all, we have ducks in 92 countries worldwide and it runs all year round. We hope you can get involved!

  5. Each fall I choose a project that will benefit others. This year it will be ducks for sure. I have my yarn, hooks and needle, and patterns in a basket with patterns. My back doesn’t always allow me to sit up for long periods so small projects are perfect for me right now.

  6. My sweet Daughter in law shared this site with me. I will definitley be crocheting many little quackers to share.

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