Cord Blood Donation

Heroes are born every minute because a baby’s umbilical cord blood has the potential to save the life of a child or adult.  Umbilical cord blood, which is typically thrown away, is rich with the stem cells that can be used to treat desperately ill patients. So, by recycling your baby’s cord blood, life can begin twice!

Cord blood donation is completely safe for you and your baby. No blood is taken from your baby. It’s only taken from the umbilical cord itself after your baby is born and it has no effect on your labour or delivery.

Click on the following links to find out more about donating cord blood in the country where you live

 United-kingdom-flag  Information on the NHS Cord Blood Bank

United-states-flag  Information on the Be The Match Cord Blood Centre

Canada-flag Information on the National Public Cord Blood Bank

Australia-flag Information on the Auscord Cord Blood Bank

New-zealandThere is currently no public cord blood bank in NZ


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