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  1. What a lovely idea. I had never heard of The Little Yellow Duck Project but what a great way of raising awareness.

  2. “Found” well was given Davina my little yellow duck by a lovely lady I met at the Nottinghamshire RNLI forum Sat 5th March Woodborough Village Hall. She was post transplant.
    Have read up about who where why and how the little yellow duck project started.
    “What a small world” I had the pleasure of knowing Clare Cruickshank!! Along with many other amazing brave young ladies and gentlemen during the time I spent as a staff nurse at Papworth Hospital. If I had half their determination and courage……..! Davina the duck happy and settled in with my other ducks. Thank you. Happy days x

  3. I was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia in Sep 13 and given less than 2 weeks to live without treatment.
    Well as you can guess I had treatment, yes I had chemo but I also had blood and plasma to keep me going until they found a donor for me.
    I was really, really lucky; they found a Stem Cell Match for me in just 6 weeks.
    I had my Stem Cell Transplant at the QE Birmingham in March 2014 and despite a few complications …
    Yes I’m still here and celebrating 2 years in remission.
    Now in my heart I have a debt to repay for the enormous act of generosity from my donor “Paddy” (the cells were harvested on St Patricks Day 2014), so I shall be going for it, sewing knitting and crocheting ducks.
    I don’t know who “Paddy” is but thank you to ‘him’ and whatever / whoever prompted him to register.

  4. I am going to be a teen leader for our local 4-H club’s crochet project, and am definitely going to put this out on the table as a project idea! This is brilliant!

    When my mom had my little sister, it nearly killed her, and she required a blood transfusion. Because of spherocytosis (a non-threatening blood disorder), I am not permitted to donate blood. Ever. But this project will permit me to help someone help someone else in a way that I cannot. Thank you.

  5. I stumbled upon this project totally by accident, but with an “aka” of Just Ducky (which I have been known as for 20+ years now), how could I resist. I also have an enormous love of knitting and have been involved in the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life for 7 years now. All of the signs were clearly leading me to the LYD Project. I have already completed my first Duck and am geared up for many more! God bless to all. *)<

  6. Finding Kathryn my little yellow duck brought about a gush of emotion, mainly one of imminence gratitude, I’m awaiting a lung transplant and it was so good to think someone cared. I’m going to be knitting and spreading the word. Thank you a big from the heart THANK YOU

  7. Where do I find the pattern for the tags . Is printing them the only way to get them ? I am looking forward to getting involved in this.

  8. Hi there.
    I too saw this amazing project on local news and would love to support it.
    However, I can’t knit or sew or anything crafty like this…
    I can however write, and my Dad can draw a bit.
    Is there anything else, using what little skills we have; that we can do to support and help the great cause?
    I have loads of people I can get pre-knitted ducks too by the way, I can certainly get one to the PM and Deputy PM.
    Local politicians too, I can have Northampton Borough Council’s Councillors all donning little yellow ducks if you can help me find someone to knit them!
    With Love and Best Wishes
    Nicky Sarti (37 and 1/2) and family.

    1. I bought a soap-making kit and a set of duck moulds from HobbyCraft and have made duck-shaped soaps (which I called Sophie and Sophia – a pun on ‘soapy’ and ‘soapier’) – these are really easy to make.
      Or you could make cards, gift tags, bookmarks etc. with duck pictures on them – gift tags and bookmarks may be better if you have access to a laminator. And you could use your writing skills to write letters/articles for newspapers, magazines and any other publications you can think of – if poetry is your thing, maybe write poems to put inside cards illustrated with a duck.
      Just a couple of ideas off the top of my head.

  9. I heard this story on my local news station & decided to knit some ducks hdo hun oping someone will find them good luck in all you do hun

  10. I am 12 years old and have made the decision to support ‘The Little Yellow Duck Project’. I asked my gran if she would knit me a little yellow duck and at Christmas she gave me a bag with not one but two little ducks inside. I am leaving them out for someone to find over my holidays from school and just wanted to let you know that I think this is the best idea I have ever seen.

    I hope that someone finds my “Daly” duck and posts on here that they found it.

    Tristan Burgess

    1. This is fantastic news Tristan! Thank you so much for taking part and thank you to your Gran for her great knitting help! We hope your ducks get reported as found really soon, I’m sure they will make some people really happy and spread a very important message too.

      Best wishes

      Emma Harris
      LYDP Founder and Manager

  11. My kids clubs (ages 4-14) will be making ducks this weekend out of socks, dyed yellow of course! We will stuff them with old socks and use two rubber bands: one to shape a head, and one to close the sock off in a tail shape. NO SEWING NEEDED! Best of all the kids will gain awareness of blood/organ donation whilst having a great time. Can’t wait!

    1. Thanks so much for messaging Anne, what a fantastic way to get the children making ducks and learning about this important issue. I am sure that others reading this message will be inspired to get children making your version of the yellow ducks!

      Best wishes

      Emma Harris
      LYDP Founder and Manager

      1. Hello Emma I would like to get this project started over here in the states in from Newport in Wales I lost my husband in 1977 to acute myeloid leukemia I met many young people suffering from leukemia and other blood disorders that needed lots of transfusions etc my niece had aplastic anemia she survived gas two beautiful daughters and runs in marathons for leukemia This project looks a perfect fit for me to get the word out I live to knit and have friends who do too are there ant other groups involved this side of the pond I can’t wait to get going ?

  12. You story inspires me to help others and to spread CF dream. I will be making some of my own ducks to spread out here in the Houston Texas (USA) area. I think the little ducks are a wonderful idea. My 9 year old daughter will love putting this together and leaving them for someone to find. Its amazing how a little duck can send such a powerful message. We all here you CF and you word is being spoken throughout the world. Merry Xmas CF and CF family. God bless everyone.

  13. This is totally great! CF is close to my heart and when I read this on Yahoo news I was totally inspired to join your cause! Will be making some to leave around Maryland ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. I just read about The Little Yellow Duck Project from a story on my Yahoo homepage…Well, let’s just say I am inspired!!! I will begin hooking up some of these little cuties to distribute right here in the Inland Empire – USA!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I have a few friends that I will be recruiting to join in!!! <3 <3 <3 AWESOME!!!

  15. I read about this on yahoo.com and I am having my mother crochet me a few ducks to leave around the community in New
    Jersey (USA) . This is an amazing idea and a beautiful memorial.

  16. The Womens Institute Resolution for 2014 concerns spreading the word about organ donation. Little Yellow Duck ties in beautifully with this and WI ladies enjoy taking positive action. I put a piece in our Federation magazine about LYD and my own WI spent one meeting busy with yellow wool. Many of our members have continued to make and release ducks into the world.

    1. Hello! I was in a local store choosing fabric when a man came in to see if there were any Knitters willing to make ducks.
      Having read about the project in my WI mag, I volunteered and now have three ducks awaiting tags.
      I have mentioned it to the Willingdon WI and we are likely to have quite a few more ducks appearing soon!
      They are fun and quick to make and support our resolution beautifully. Thanks for the opportunity to do something practical to raise awareness.

    2. Hello Shirley,

      We’re on ‘duck knitting duty’ here in Willingdon, East Sussex. What a great, fun project for our members!

    3. Hello Shirley, I am also a WI member and will be encouraging our members to make ducks on our next craft evening. I also knit lots of ducks/chicks with an egg in for Easter and they sell them at our local hospice.

      In WI Friendship
      Hazel c uk

  17. hi, this is an awesome great idea, and allthought i’m not healthy enough to donate my organs anymore, i like to help to make duckies;-D
    Thank you for sharing this idea, i will send this too to my mom she is allready knitting and crochting items for other projects to help but i think she will loves this too;-D
    It helps to keep others to reminding of to give others a new life as well by showing those duckies;-D
    I was very pleased when i found the link on Demores.
    i hope it will be a big succes.;-D!!!!

    1. Hi Jacki,

      I’m afraid we are unable to send the tags out. However perhaps a friend or colleague would agree to print them for you? Or alternatively your local print shop should be able to run some copies off for you quite cheaply?


  18. I am founder of Loving Hands Craft for Charity and we have thousands of members all over the country and even overseas – tonight I am adding this project to our new challenges for my members (every 3 months I set them challenges to keep them isnpired and busy;0) so hopefully you will get a flurry of ducks cropping up all over the place x

    1. Dear Lou,

      Thank you so much for adding this to your new challenges as a project! It is very much appreciated and I’m sure your members will make some wonderful ducks to raise awareness and save lives.

      Best wishes


  19. Lisa, I just wrote on the back of my tag ‘Please go to the website and put me on the map’.

  20. I am getting ready to set my first ducks free. I feel like you would get more than 25% found ducks reported if you simply suggest that the recipient visit the website to do so. Something like, “Let us know you found “Donald” here http://www.thelittleyellowduckproject.org. Would it be alright if I added this to the tag? I love this project and am very excited to participate.

    1. Lisa, I followed your suggestion and wrote a similar message on the back of the tags on 4 ducks I left in spain last week. Two of the ducks have been added to the map, so that’s a 50% success rate and I think adding the message helped achieve this ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Hi Lisa,

      Many thanks for your comments and suggestions. We are in the process of developing a new tag design that will make it a little clearer that finders can report their ducks. However we are concerned to keep the “random act of kindness” aspect to the ducks – they are gifts given with no obligations attached or expectations involved in return. Whilst it is lovely when the ducks are reported as found, this is not the main aim of the project. Please feel free to write on your tags though that you would appreciate your duck being logged as found and good luck!


  21. We have a knitting group at my local church and I am going to suggest knitting/crocheting these to leave around the area

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The Little Yellow Duck Project creates and distributes handcrafted gifts to raise global awareness of blood, bone marrow, organ and tissue donation.