Ducks Important in these strange times

If you look through the history of the world, every generation has it’s own ‘weird’ times. A war, depression, prohibition, food shortages, floods, fire etc. This seems to be ours with isolation making us all realise how important communication between family, friends and even strangers, is. I’m pretty sure the ducks that are being recorded in the year of Coronavirus are being sensibly exchanged between family members or neighbours. Social media is full of lovely, caring people making their neighbours smile and feel more positive. I have seen a video of a lovely young girl singing ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ on the pavement in front of her house, and a whole street in the Welsh Valleys singing the National Anthem.

We also have the regular clapping, whistling and very vocal thanks going to our front line warriors – the nurses, doctors, NHS staff in all areas, but also to the ‘hidden’ warriors, the shop assistants, the men who help keep us healthy by removing our rubbish each week, the delivery drivers.

Stay safe everyone. Stay home and make ducks. This too shall pass.

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