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Hi all, September has come around very fast.  It will be Hallowe’en before we know it and then Rememberence Day and Christmas.  Lots of opportunities for special ducks.

Monday was a busy day at duck central with 10 of the 16 ducks logged on that day.

I thought I would share will you all a couple of my favourite logged duck posts.

Callum found Peach at Millennium Square, Bristol on Monday. Callum commented “This duck is awesome” so congratulations to whoever made it, you are officially awesome.

Callum posted a pic of Peaches:


I was very pleased to have three of the six I left at University Hospital Wales on Monday logged.  I made some rainbow ducks for the Pride March in Cardiff last week but it was raining so I didn’t go.  I left them at the hospital instead.

Louise of Cardiff found one of the rainbow ducks in the lift when she was on her way to begin five days of treatment.  She says the lucky duck made her smile.  She will leave it somewhere else in the hospital to make someone else smile.

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    1. I usually make yellow or green ducks with witches hats, plastic spiders, brooms, maybe black cloaks for the male ducks. They are all part of the Duckwitch family and have names like Drusilla.

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