Amazing number of ducks

In July, 2018 189 ducks were logged onto our World Map.  If we are still running at an average of one in four ducks are logged, that makes 726 smiles and an unknown number of lives saved.

My maths isn’t anything to write home about but I figure that the nearly 10,000 ducks now on the map multiplied by 4 (for the ones that aren’t logged), gives us 20,000 feet if they were laid end to end.  Doesn’t sound much if you say it like that but they would go up one side of the Eiffel Tower and back down the other side.  We could also cross the Thames, and back, 5 times via Tower Bridge in London.

I love being part of this wonderful LYDP family.



One thought on “Amazing number of ducks”

  1. Over the last four years we have made lots of ducks and released them, our latest 3 are for bloodwise and there red and white. I lost my husband Roger to leukaemia in April 2014 and we actually found the little yellow duck project at the right time as its really helped with our grieving progress.

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