6 New Countries*!

6 new countries in 3 monthsB

It’s been really exciting watching the duck reports coming in over the last few weeks as we seem to be notching up new countries on the map faster than ever.

We are now up to reports of ducks in 87 countries* worldwide with an estimated 20,000 of these little life-saving ducks passing on their life-saving message around the world!

Click on the map below to view the map and a full list of locations:Duck Map 31.3.16The latest countries* added are as follows:

  • Kabul, Afghanistan – 22.12.15
  • FalklandIslands – 4.1.16
  • Barbados – 27.2.16
  • Albania – 7.3.16
  • Borneo, Malaysia – 26.3.16
  • Rio de Janeiro – 26.3.16

Another report in today also put the first duck on the map in mainland Chile (Easter Island, part of Chile, joined the map some time ago).

Please keep helping us to spread the lifesaving message about the importance of blood, bone marrow and organ/tissue donation around the world!

* We have included dependencies, territories and autonomous regions in this term


3 thoughts on “6 New Countries*!”

  1. Yay, one of the ducks released at Cuckfield’s Christmas Tree Festival has made it to Albania !!!

  2. I’m so pleased some of my ducks have been registered. I now am responsible for some new countries. Cambodia, Kenya, Slovenia only Cambodia I went to and friends visited the others. But now having just visited Chile, Argentina and Brazil the ducks I left in Chile and Brazil have been registered. Let’s keep spreading the word.

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