It’s Yellow Duck Day 2015!

So here we are! 12 months to the day since we launched the Little Yellow Duck Project with a cute idea and a lot of dreams.  Not only did we make it to our first Birthday but we have done it in style.  There have been over 3,000 ducks logged onto our world map in 61 different countries and on all 7 continents of the world.  Here’s how the ducks spread across those continents:

15th April 2014 – 1st ever duck logged on the website! The duck was named Donald and he was found in Stockton-on-Tees, UK.

16th April 2014 – 1st duck outside the UK was logged in Guernsey, Channel Islands.

23rd April 2014 – 1st duck on the continent of North America (Bluffton, Indiana).

11th May 2014 – 1st duck logged on the continent of Australasia (Melbourne in Australia)

10th July 2014 – 1st duck logged in the continent of South America (Lima, Peru).

28th July 2014 – 1st duck logged in the continent of Asia (Phi Phi Islands, Thailand)

1st August 2014 – 1st duck was logged in the continent of Africa (Johannesburg, South Africa)

30th November 2014 – 1st duck logged on the continent of Antarctica (Port Lockroy).

14th April 2015 – Almost one year to the day the first duck was found, the 61st country was added to the map with the addition of the Dominican Republic!

Today marks the first anniversary of the project but the second anniversary of one very special person who is – and will always be – at the very heart of the Little Yellow Duck Project …Clare Cruickshank.   Clare was my best friend, my soul-sister and the godmother to my little boy. She was the most wonderful, funny, thoughtful, giving and simply wonderful person you could meet and it’s been hard to get through two years without the sunshine she brought to every day of life for those around her.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Clare’s wonderful Mum – Ann Rowcliffe – for sowing the seed in my mind that grew into the Little Yellow Duck Project by choosing to remember the first anniversary of Clare’s death in a positive way – by doing random acts of kindness for the day.  It was whilst trying to think how I could join Ann in this mission that the idea of the LYDP was conceived…and the rest, as they say, is history. She has also been a huge support to the project throughout the whole of the last year.

Over the last 12 months I have seen the project flourish into the most beautiful, perfect and fitting tribute to Clare, her life and her personality.  Although Clare never got her second chance at life due to the shortage of organ donors in the UK, she chose to donate her corneas, the result of which is that two other young adults can now see.  One of the things that Clare liked to see most was other countries – she simply loved to travel and was always at her happiest when exploring the world.  The fact that Clare’s spirit still travels on across the globe through the little yellow ducks that she so loved, is a beautiful legacy to have watched grow and develop.

Thank you to every single person who has made just one (or more!) yellow ducks in the last 12 months and set them off on a journey to spread smiles and to save lives. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be trying to blog regularly to showcase some of the stories, photos and messages we have received over the last year. Watch this space!

But for now…

Happy Yellow Duck Day and here’s to the next 12 months!

16 thoughts on “It’s Yellow Duck Day 2015!”

  1. My son is running the junior gnr for cf and giving out little yellow ducks afterwards. We have about 30!!

  2. The duck I got in Central Park the other day is now winging (I couldn’t resist, sorry) it’s way to Cardwell, Queensland, Australia with a list of websites attached for donating organs and blood in Oz, USA, Canada & UK. Hopefully if it reaches other parts they will look up how they do it. I’ve asked that all the recipients let you know they’ve received it so it can be tracked around the world.x

    1. Thank you so much Anna, you are a star for doing this! I wonder where your duck will re-appear on the map?

  3. I think the first little yellow duck made it to Australasia a little sooner than that timeline suggests – one was left at the home of AFL football (Melbourne) on May 11, 2014, and another at iconic Darling Harbour (Sydney) in June. (They must have flown south.)

    1. Thank you for letting me know Katherine, I’d somehow missed the Melbourne and Sydney ducks…many apologies! I have now updated the blog post with the correct information.

  4. Aww Emma this made me well up! Such beautiful words for a beautiful project!
    I love that our Clarey is traveling the world in the form of little yellow ducks!- Like you said Emma, her biggest love!

    I am so gutted that I couldn’t do as much as what I’d liked but I did what I could and gave a variety of duckies to Ann (Step mum) to give out on Yellow Duck Day. When I’m well enough, I shall do something to mark Clares’ Anniversary-hopefully with some support (hint hint lol).

    I do miss my Sister ( I know she is my step but I’ve always seen her as my real) so much and again like Emma has said.. It’s been so hard to get through these last 2 years without her. I can’t even imagine what it’s like for Ann.
    Either way….. Clare lives on! wether it be in a yellow duck, flower, sun or sharks!!!

    Much love to you Emma and the family!

    LYDP an absolutely quaking idea! xxx

  5. A special little duck in memory of my wonderful mum who donated her organs and corneas was released today in a beautiful spot at Bradgate Park in Leicestershire- perfect sunshine too x

  6. Haven’t released a duck for a while but plan to release a special one called Clare sometime today. It is a pleasure to be part of this amazing project.

  7. Working on my first wee duck, have decided they will need to be put in ziplock bags as Iive on Skye and it is very wet here. Well done on the first year and hope it goes from strength to strength.

  8. Great idea and stories working on my first duckie can’t wait to send him on his way. Thank you

  9. Thank you Emma for inviting us onto this adventure.
    How daring we feel planting our ducks when no-one is looking! How happy when they are found! They do bring smiles, and start conversations about more significant acts of kindness.

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