South African Launch!

South African LYDP ChallengeIt’s Friday 1st August and today marks the launch of the Little Yellow Duck Project in South Africa – a country that holds a huge place in organ donation and transplant history as it is where the first ever heart transplant was performed in 1967!

Always being up for a bit of competition, our South African friends have taken it one step further and are launching a national challenge to see whether the north or south of the country are better when it comes to getting their ducks on the map…along with some great prizes on offer! CLICK HERE or CLICK HERE if you’d like to join in or find out more. The challenge runs until the 31st August 2014.

Two new duck patterns have also kindly been created and shared by members of the South African Ravelry group. The first is the gorgeous ‘Quack Quack Duck’ by Carle’ Dehning, based in Cape Town, who is team leader for the southern group.   This pattern is available for free throughout August using the code ‘The Little Yellow Duck Project’.

Quack Quack Duck by Carle Dehning

The second pattern is the lovely ‘Little Yellow Duck’ crochet pattern by Stephanie Davies which is featured on her blog post about the LYD Project.

Stephanie Pattern


South Africa has always held a special place in my heart since I lived there for a year after leaving school and I have been lucky enough to go back to visit since. When I last visited in 2008 I met with the South African Organ Donor Foundation at their offices in Cape Town. It was great to hear about all their amazing work to encourage people to donate the gift of life.

Emma and Philipa2
Philippa Douglas – Executive Director of SAODF (left) and me (right)

So which team will be the first to get a duck on our world map and make South Africa country number 32?  Will Team Carle get the most hits on the map or will Wooldiaries lead her northern team to victory in the ducky challenge?  Keep watching that map and good luck to everyone taking part!

The South African Tag designed by Gina Ross of
The South African Tag designed by Gina Ross of


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