We’ve Hit 500!



This morning I got the exciting news that we have hit (and now passed) the 500 mark for reported ducks!!

Yesterday I also completed a survey as to how many ducks get reported compared to the overall number that are found.  This showed that 29% of those that are received are reported onto the world map. Meaning that it’s likely that around 1,800 life-saving ducks have been spread round the world to date!

We have ducks reported as found from 15 countries worldwide.  This means that more and more people are receiving this vital message…

images (3)

We get many messages from those who find ducks, saying how happy they have made them and how it has encouraged them to spread the word on the various forms of donation, as well as to register to donate themselves.  Here is one message just in today, that came with this lovely photo:

FOUND DUCK - Natasha Jupp (NP)

Found my little friend Sammy in Peterborough UK!  I was at the checkout in Lidl, I spotted a tiny knitted beak under a pile of dried fruit and nuts. I couldn’t believe what I had found, I will cherish it, Thank you. Love the project, pleased to say I’ve signed up to give blood!”

Thank you so much to Natasha for that lovely message.  It makes the entire project worthwhile for all those involved when we get to hear that the ducks have made someone happy AND encouraged them to save the lives of others by donating.

And THANK YOU to each and every person who has been involved in the Little Yellow Duck Project since we launched just 3 months ago. Here’s to hitting the 1000 mark now!

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