Amazing Messages

One of the best parts of running the LYD Project, is getting to read all the messages from both those making the ducks and those who find them.

Jennifer from Katy, Texas sent me over this gorgeous photo of her children with the ducks they found:

Jennifer Follmar Daniels (Permission to share)

“My daughter turned 2 last Saturday.  We were dropping her big brother off at school today when she said “Mommy, a guck! Quack-quack! This sweet little guy is adorable. It went to exercise class, the grocery store and had a nap with my daughter today. I shared this with all my friends. I don’t know how to sew but my grandmother does.  I’m going to call her to see if she will make another duck to spread the word up that way. I think she will love this as much as we have.”

Penny contacted me after finding her duck, Dotty, at her place of work in Newcastle.

“What a lovely suprise to find Dotty,  I love her already!
The website is gorgeous and so is the thought behind it.  This random act of kindness has made me feel special and quite privileged actually.  It means such a lot to me as I donated bone marrow in April 2002 to a non related match. I recently registered as an organ donor and carry my card with me at all times Dotty is now pride of place on my kitchen dresser. Thank you!”

The guys over at Platform 22 Cafe in Torphins, Aberdeenshire, sent us this lovely photo of the duck they found outside the cafe, along with a message:

Platform 22 (NP)

“Finding this made my day! It has also inspired our whole family to help spread the important awareness that The Little Yellow Duck Project hopes to do! We are now making out own little duckies and leaving them all about to help this brilliant project raise awareness!” 

The next post here will share some of the messages from those who have committed to become donors as a direct result of the Little Yellow Duck Project. Watch this space!



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  1. For the last few weeks another carer and I have have been stuffing and sewing loads of these ducks knitted by my friend Katie White who suffers from cerebral palsy its a brilliant idea and we have all enjoyed making them and leaving them around the Wakefield area for people to find Katie’s Ducks have made it as far as Malta after Janine the other carer took one with her when she went on holiday recently Katie is an inspiration to us all

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