We’ve hit 200!

This morning I got the exciting news that we now have 200 ducks on the map from 11 countries around the world!! Since it seems like around only a third of ducks finds get reported to us, it’s likely that there are at least 600 of these beautiful gifts out there in the world….spreading their message about the value of blood, stem cell and organ/tissue donation.

One of the highlights of running the Little Yellow Duck Project is receiving messages and photos from those who have created ducks and those who find them.  Every day more photos and messages flood into the LYDP Facebook, Twitter and Ravelry pages, as well as into the LYDP inbox.

Our fantastic supporters are finding so many unique and exciting places to leave their gifts around the world. Here are some of my favourite so far…

PicMonkey Collage
Haydn and Euan took their ducks to the top of The Shard in London – Europe’s tallest building!
Helene Britt (Norway Trip)2
Helene took her ducks for a trip around Norway where they all found new homes!
Martha's beautiful ducks are finding homes in Belgrade, Serbia
Martha’s beautiful ducks are finding homes in Belgrade, Serbia

Please keep sending in your photos and messages. And please keep making these ducks and passing on their life-saving message!

Emma x

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