Out into the big wide world

Baby GoldenEye Ducks Leaving Nest for First Time
Photo courtesy of naturen-ar-fantastisk.blogspot.com

This gorgeous photo is of baby Goldeneye ducks leaving their nest for the first time to go out into the big wide world.  Isn’t it adorable?

And just like the baby ducklings in the photo, flocks of little yellow ducks are launching themselves into the big wide world too!

Yesterday we added our 7th country to the world map after little Nini was found in Germany.  Nini was created by one of the members of our Ravelry group and left at a small café at the corner of a street in Berlin.  A few hours later she was reported to us as found with a lovely message from her delighted new owner.

Nini waiting in the Berlin sunshine!
Nini waiting in the Berlin sunshine!

The other countries where ducks have been reported as found are:  UK, USA, Canada, France, Germany, New Zealand and Australia. We also know that ducks have been left in other countries including Ireland, Norway and Abu Dhabi and have volunteers working away in South Africa, Philippines and Serbia.

Meanwhile duck tags are now available in German and will soon be available in Chinese, Russian, French, Dutch, Danish, Spanish and Italian. A huge thank you to all those who have kindly offered to translate the tags and sections of the website so that this project can reach more people.

I’ll leave you with one of my favourite photos which is of little Quacky enjoying a snooze in the sunshine on Bournemouth beach, UK!

Bournemouth Beach


2 thoughts on “Out into the big wide world”

  1. My son Michael died in 2006. We donated his organs and now I give talks to hospital staff telling them how important it is to ask families if they would consider donating. It is the only way to find something positive when you have lost a loved one.
    I still get comfort from knowing that we helped a 38yr old man who had been given 3 days to live. How amazing is that!
    This is a brilliant way to spread the message. Well done.
    I’ll start knitting tonight xxx

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