3 is a magic number

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I’m excited to report that we are getting around 3 new duck finds added to our world map every day! Only around 25% of the ducks get reported to the website, so  the actual number of people receiving ducks and their lifesaving message is much higher than this. Thank you to everyone who is taking part in spreading this lifesaving message.

download (1) also has other relevance to this campaign:

download people die each day in the UK awaiting a transplant

images (1) lives can be saved by each blood donation


hours is the speed with which a stem cell donation (via PBSC) can be completed


Finally, I’d like to share the story of little Maisy Vignes. Maisy was the first baby in medical history to survive being born with a zero blood count. On the night Maisy was born she was rushed to intensive care with a slim chance of survival.

download2is the number of blood transfusions that saved Maisy’s life that night.  Her Mum, Emma, says ““What blood donors do is amazing and we will be forever grateful to the people who donated their blood so that Maisy could live”.

Maisy on the night she was born
Maisy on the night she was born
Maisy today
Maisy today

 You can read Maisy’s full story HERE.

Please keep spreading the word! xxx



2 thoughts on “3 is a magic number”

  1. I am so moved by Claire’s story and the love that is demonstrated throughout the website and Little yellow duck campaign. My son has donated blood regularly since the time he reached the minimum age. I am unable to donate, but I plan to help out by making ducks and setting them free. Continued blessings to you as you spread the word.

    1. I apologize for misspelling Clare’s name. Such a beautiful name and a lovely young woman.

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