Easter, Ducks and New Life


I hope everyone is having a lovely Easter weekend wherever they are in the world!

Here in the UK we’ve been enjoying some lovely warm sunshine and with the trees in blossom and some remaining daffodils bobbing their bright little heads,  it’s finally feels like Spring has sprung.


Springtime and Easter are both times when the feeling of new life is all around us.  New leaves are finally appearing on the trees, flowers are raising their heads to welcome to sun and lambs are appearing in the fields.  Easter Sunday, a key date in the Christian calendar,  celebrates Jesus’ Resurrection and its message of hope and new life after death. The custom of exchanging chocolate eggs is a reminder of the new life that this time of year is all about.


So it is really the perfect time for the Little Yellow Duck Project to have launched.  Little yellow ducklings represent Spring and all its delights.  But more than that, they are raising awareness of how we can all give new life to others in our community,  through donation of life-saving blood,  stem cells (bone marrow), organs and tissues.


This Spring marks one year since I lost my beautiful ‘sister’ Clare, who the Little Yellow Duck Project is dedicated to. But it also marks one year since the sight of two other young adults was restored through the donation of Clare’s corneas.

I hope that this Spring, those two young adults are enjoying seeing all the beautiful scenes around them clearly, thanks to the gift Clare passed on. I know it’s exactly what she would have wanted.



One thought on “Easter, Ducks and New Life”

  1. What a wonderful way to pay tribute to your beloved sister! I just joined the Ravelry group and plan on making lots of little yellow ducks to spread around Missouri!

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